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March 2, 2019

Peter & Elsie


The music played as Peter made his way down the aisle to wait for his sweet bride. He stood quietly and patiently with anticipation. The love he has for his bride Elsie, has been building and growing stronger over 10 years now. The day he makes her his wife is finally here!

The music changes. The guests all stand to their feet. Peter and his mom share a quick moment and look at each-other as if to say “This is it. I am (you are) about to marry the love of your life!”

Elsie, her flowers in one hand and her fathers arm in the other, appeared at the beginning of the aisle. Her smile lighting up the entire space. Peter’s eyes filled with tears of overwhelming joy! I envision his thoughts were something like “There she is. The most beautiful girl in the world. I’ve waited for this moment what seems like forever.”

Tears flowed from each of their eyes as they shared their handwritten vows with each other. The smiles on the guest’s faces and the tears in their eyes attest to how much they love and adore the union of this sweet couple. And finally, after I do’s were said, the officiant proclaimed “You may kiss the bride!” Pure JOY & Happiness!

…And they lived happily ever after!

Elsie & Peter, You two have a love and passion that will stand the test of time. Your heart of gratitude toward each other and toward others will propel your relationship into success. Thank you so much for allowing me to capture and document such an important and momentous day in your lives. Your friends and family were so ingratiating and kind I loved meeting them and celebrating your marriage with them. I pray blessings on you and your family for all your years to come.

In love and Grace, Rebekah

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Winter Park Wedding, blush and blue wedding, black and white photography

Hair and Make-Up |A Touch of Fierce 

Getting Ready Venue| The Alfond Inn

Wedding Venue| Winter Park Farmers Market

Music and DJ | Danny Garcia

Cake | Four Rivers Sweet Shop |

Catering |Four Rivers Smokehouse

Pat’s Liquor|

A Chair Affair|

Brass Pin Linen |

Officiant | Eveleena Fults

Dress Designer| Oleg Cassini


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